Used Equipment

Although Hustler Conveyor Company is known for its leadership in equipment manufacturing, sometimes we have the opportunity to offer used equipment. The information provided for the equipment listed below is general in nature. Please contact us directly for product specification, pricing information and availability.

Item 01: Hallco Moving Floor
Item 02: 60”W x 15’L Extra-Heavy Duty Oscillator
Item 03: Chain-Belt Conveyor
Item 04: Various Chip Conveyors
Item 05: Horizontal Transfer Conveyor
Item 06: 12” (J Shape) Belt Conveyor w/Motor
Item 07: 24” x 32’L Open Belly Belt Conveyor w/Motor (Brand New)
Item 08: Chain-Belt Conveyor
Item 09: Slider-Belt Conveyor
Item 10: 18”W x 13’L Flat Belt Conveyor w/Motor
Item 11: Steel-Belted Conveyor
Item 12: 2 Used Screw Conveyors
Item 13: 24”W x 26’L Flat Belt Conveyor
Item 14: 28”W x 13’L Steel Belt Conveyor
Item 15: 30”W x 23’L Flat Belt Conveyor
Item 16: 36”W x 15’L Oscillator
Item 17: 36”W x 20’L Steel Belt Conveyor
Item 18: 48”W x 10’L Oscillator
Item 19: 48”W x 27’L Flat Belt Conveyor
Item 20: 48”W x 34’L Flat Belt Conveyor
Item 21: 48”W x 44½’L Roller Chain Belt Conveyor
Item 22: Metso Screen
Item 23: 54”W x 98’L Double Beaded Pan Conveyor w/saw tooth cleats

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