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Steel Belt Conveyor Steel Belt Conveyor

Hustler custom designs conveyors to meet your solid waste and scrap handling requirements.

Our steel belts are available with flanged sintered steel rollers with hardened steel bushings that provide maintenance free service. The hinges can be channel reinforced and include AR wear strips. Heavy duty, double strand, C1045 steel chain with precision die punched inside and outside links are standard. Our overlapping offset style side wings minimize material spillage.

Hustler steel belts are available in 18" to 8' widths and virtually any length. Heavy duty drive assemblies are standard and meet exact load requirements. Other features include shear pin sprocket hubs for overload protection, heavy duty open frame construction, and load bars to limit deflection of the belt under impact.

We supply our conveyors in large segments for ease of installation and minimal assembly time at the job site.

Types of Steel Belt Conveyors we offer include:

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