Hustler Conveyor Company


Although Hustler Conveyor Company is known for its leadership in new equipment manufacturing, sometimes we have the opportunity to offer used equipment. We can provide the used equipment as it sits now, or can offer it refurbished. Also we have the capability to modify existing equipment to meet your specific needs.

The information provided for the equipment listed below is general in nature. Please contact us directly for product specification, pricing information, and availability.

Item # Name Dimensions
01 Magnetic Crossbelt Separator 26"W X 42"L
02 10,000 CFM Air Filter System  
03 Beaded Pan Infeed Conveyor 54"W X 98'L
04 Roller Chain Infeed Conveyor 48"W X 44'L
05 Steel Belt Conveyor 48"W X 35¼'L
06 Steel Belt Conveyor 30"W X 11'L
07 Steel Belt Conveyor w/Metering Gate 36"W X 20'L
08 Flat Belt Slider w/ Magnetic Head Pulley 48"W X 23¾'L
09 Flat Belt Slider w/ Magnetic Head Pulley 48"W X 25'L
10 Flat Belt Slider w/ Magnetic Head Pulley 24"W X 12'L
11 Flat Belt Conveyor 72"W X 17'L
12 Flat Belt Conveyor 42"W X 47'L
13 Flat Belt Conveyor 18"W X 13'L
14 Trough Idler Conveyor 48"W X 52'L
15 Trough Idler Conveyor 36"W X 91½'L
16 Metso Screen 72"W X 16'L
17 Various Wood Chip Conveyors  
18 Drag Chain Conveyor 52"W X 15'L
19 Phelps Walking Floor w/HPU 60"W X 36'L X 6'H
20 Flat Belt Conveyor 48"W X 21'L

Contact Us For questions or more information about Hustler used equipment.